Project Leaders understand instinctively how to motivate the individuals in a team, without resorting to authoritarianism.  They treat team members with respect,  and they focus on clearing obstacles to success for the team. Project leaders are professional at all times,  they lead by example and they inspire people to work together. This is how we establish and maintain a positive workplace culture on projects.

In keeping with our mission statement,  at FOCO we also actively seek out opportunities to transfer skills to others in our consultancy role.  We hold free workshops for client groups and project teams at various milestone points throughout the project so that the whole team is informed and empowered for confident decision making.  We share ideas,  and most importantly,  we listen and learn from others. 

Leadership & Governance

Setting up a project for success and leading a team of experts to deliver a project successfully requires skill, drive and patience. The FOCO methodology is based on PRINCE2 principles.  Our leadership style establishes a team culture of mutual respect, professionalism and individual accountability. 


We are "multi-lingual consultants" who can translate the KPI's and outcomes of the business case into language understood by architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. We create a robust building project brief with measurable, achievable and deliverable goals and realistic milestones

 BIM & Design Management

As experienced designers turned design managers,  we know what is required to set up a design team for success,  and how to get people working together collaboratively in BIM environment. 

We are experienced in managing complex and difficult projects (and stakeholders) of $200M+.


Our strength lies in establishing and maintaining a collaborative and high performance team culture across the disciplines.  Strong, decisive and  empathetic leadership requires the ability to manage both down and up the chain effectively,  ensuring that all identified stakeholders are involved in decision making.

Contracts & Procurement

With typically 90% of the capital costs of a building lying in construction costs, and only 10% in consultancy fees, getting the construction contract and associated documentation right up front is the single biggest influencer in controlling final project costs and quality.

We provide services from procurement to contract administration (previously engineer to contract), both in a hands on and in a review capacity. We also provide these services to Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Obviously we service only one party to a contract on a first come first served basis.


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