Empowering our People


FOCO NZ is on a mission to increase skills and improve the workplace culture across the NZ Construction Industry.

Stress in the NZ Construction Industry


We hear so many stories of people being over-stressed in our industry, at every level in the chain:

  • sub-contractors who are left exposed through lack of contract law training

  • contractors who are under pressure to increase profits through variations

  • consultants who are under pressure to increase profits through reduced design and documentation hours

  • executives in client side organizations who have not been trained in project governance, and who feel out of their comfort zone


This is a cauldron that easily boils over,  impacting businesses, careers and people.​

Eliminate, Isolate, Minimise

We know the mantra! 

So much of our stress can be substantially minimized or even eliminated by equipping people with the know-how to avoid mistakes, manage risks and communicate with teams more effectively. 

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